To Whom it May Concern

Re:- Back on Track Project

I have been working in partnership with the Back on Track Project since 31/10/2011

I have referred over 6 clients and Lloyd Robinson and his co-workers have been able to positively engage the young people in the following areas befriending mentoring and counselling

The Back on Track Project has been of great benefit to our young people as they feel that they can open up and really talk about their problems in confidence and a safe environment, with adults who are not judgemental.

Staff have accompanied me in joint home visits to introduce themselves to these young people and meet their parents in order to understand what the underlying causes of the problem are which lead to Anti-Social Behaviour and Criminal Activity. I generally find that young people are very opposed to coming along to Youth Offending Team unless there are on statutory orders. However experience has shown that young people are happy to have pre-arranged meetings within their home’s or at Yungstas office base where they can sit down relax and speak freely without interruptions or distractions. This not only gives the young person more confidence to express themselves but has allowed me extra time to continue with my overall case management.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Anti-Social Behaviour Officer

West Youth Offending Team

151 All Saints Street, Hockley, Birmingham, B18 7R