Dear Sirs, Lloyd Robinson worked on a secondment with urban living from February 2009 to July 2010. During this time Lloyd performed a specialist role managing an employment training project targeted at young men ‘at risk’ or in contact with the Criminal Justice System or criminal gang activity.

Activities in this role included:

  • Organising and managing the training centre
  • Managing a core programme of activities for the trainees
  • Specialised mentoring with hard to reach young men
  • Liaison and relationship management with a number of key partners such as Local Authorities, Police and training agencies
During his time with Urban Living, Lloyd demonstrated a range of skills and abilities suited to this type of role. In particular Lloyd was able to engage with and maintain the interest and participation of young men who previously had chosen to avoid other similar activities. The success of the project hinged on Lloyd’s ability to work with the trainees for an extended period. Lloyd works with integrity and is completely committed to supporting young people to achieve better futures. This is recognised by the young people who perceived him as a positive role model and respect his credibility in this area of work. Lloyd’s skills, experience and personal integrity means that he has a considerable amount to offer in the field of employment support particularly targeted at harder to reach elements of the community. Yours sincerely, Steve Lillcy Director of programme and performance.